Workshop comments:


Introductory/Intermediate Chironomidae Workshop
November 2012 at WAA

Instructors: J. Kelly Nolan, John Tipping, and Michael B. Cole

  • "This workshop took me from understanding almost nothing about Chiros to knowing a good deal about the basics".
  • "Kelly was very knowledgeable and helpful. He brought in extra people to help us. I feel that I am much better prepared to tackle Chironomidae as a whole and look forward to working with the group in the future".
  • "The workshop was invaluable. I walked away with not only knowledge & confidence but some additional tools & resources".
  • "So much more confident going back to work and IDing these critters now. Well done, Kelly, John, & Mike!!!"


Introductory/Intermediate EPT Workshop
May 2012 at WAA

Instructor: Christopher M. Fishel

  • "The workshop was the perfect size with excellent teaching material. Chris was extremely knowledgeable".
  • "Great workshop! I feel much more confident going back and facing these critters at work. Thank you!".
  • "I really appreciated Chris' extensive knowledge and how approachable he was. I never was uncomfortable asking questions".


Introductory/Intermediate Chironomidae Workshop
November 2011 at WAA

  • "This workshop was wonderful for someone who has some background ID'ing Chironomids. It really filled in a lot of gaps. I previously took the NABS certification exam and did not pass. This time around taking the exam my confidence level has greatly increased".
  • "Very informative, one of the best taxonomic workshops I have attended. It greatly increased my knowledge of midge taxonomy".
  • "I have been a professor for 15 yrs. Kelly/WAA does an excellent job in taking students from where they are at bug ID'ing and preparing them for the NABS certification exam".

Workshop instructors: J. Kelly Nolan and
Alexander J. Smith


Introductory/Intermediate EPT Workshop
May 2011at WAA

  • "A great workshop with plenty of exposure to all relevant families in EPT".
  • "Excellent workshop, would not have passed NABS certification test without it".
  • "Loved the breath of specimens to look at".
  • "Chris was awesome!"

Workshop instructor: Christopher M. Fishel


Introductory/Intermediate Chironomidae Identification Workshop
October 2009 at WAA

  • The course was so awesome!!! I passed the Eastern Chironomid NABS test with Kelly and Mike's expert tutelage and abundance of specimens! Thank you so much."
  • Overall the workshop was excellent. I learned a lot!
  • It was great! I learned a great deal in a short time.
  • I passed the Chironomidae West exam with 100%! Thank you so much!

Workshop instructors: J. Kelly Nolan and
Dr. Michael Cole

August 2008 Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Program
at Black Rock Forest

  • "I absorbed a good amount of the material, but will definitely need (and want) more training!"
  • "I didn't feel overwhelmed with information".
  • "The enthusiasm that was given by the instructors and fellow participants was wonderful and made me excited to continue pursuing invertebrate taxonomy."
  • “Excellent workshop overall...”

Workshop instructors included: J. Kelly Nolan, John Tipping, and Dr. Michael Cole.

January 2008 Chironomid Workshop (Midge-fest)
at WAA

  • “The meeting location was great… I found the work environment at your office quite nice. The lab was perfect”.
  • "The small size of the group was just right for promoting a relaxed environment and good camaraderie".
  • "We were all impressed by the well-equipped facility and the abundance of good restaurants within walking distance".

Workshop facilitator Bob Bode (left) reviews a couplet in a key with participants. Six Northeast regional taxonomists participated in the workshop in preparation for the NABS certification exam.

August 2007 Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Program
at Pack Forest
  • "Excellent preparation for identifying macros on all levels - very helpful that the instructor has specimens for comparison - microscopes great to work with - very friendly and modest atmosphere that encourages you to explore".
  • "...for me this workshop was perfect... One of the best training courses I have attended".
  • "Thank you so much for a great week. I learned more than I thought I could and met some fantastic people".
  • "Overall, from the dining hall to the classroom to the campfire an EPIC experience."

Field lab includes streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands. Pictured above is Bill R. in the upper Hudson River. Instructors: J. Kelly Nolan, Dr Christine Murphy, Dr Helen Ghiradella, Jeremy Monroe, M.S., and Steve Glass, B.S..

June 2007 Stream Monitoring Workshop
  • "This class was excellent - I have left with very valuable & useful information for my class and part time work with Cornell Cooperative Extension".
  • "The importance of consistency of sampling was emphasized. I've seen how environmental data can be attacked for the purpose of discrediting".
  • "The workshop gave a new way of looking at the world. Keep opening up vistas".

LSI students and resource professionals calculate multi-metrics of the benthic macroinvertebrate data collected during the Stream Monitoring Workshop held at Black Rock Forest.
Instructor: J. Kelly Nolan

February 2007 EPT Taxa Workshop
  • "The EPT workshop is a great training course for those interested in taking the NABS exam".
  • "The preserved specimens were excellent practice for the NABS exam. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop".

During a break participants collected taxa from Black Rock Hollow that included four genera from the Nemourid family: Amphinemura sp., Soyedia sp., Nemoura sp., and Prostoia sp.

Scope time during the 2007 EPT taxa workshop. Preserved EPT taxa were available to practice identification skills and observe key identification features.
J. Kelly Nolan

August 2006 Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Program

  • "The workshop sharpened my identification skills especially with EPT taxa. Having preserved specimens was very helpful. There were many preserved specimens available that I have never seen before".
  • "Kelly is super organized and well prepared. We were provided with everything we needed and then some. Great place (Pack Forest) to hold any kind of workshop. (Marvelous food too!) Best Part: Samples to ID and compare results".

Program Photos

Micropterus salmoides (Large Mouth Bass) collected from the Millington Brook, Warren County, NY by Bill R. using a D-frame net with kicking assistance from John W.
Workshop instructors: J. Kelly Nolan and Helen Ghiradella

2006 Stream Bioassessment Institute

  • "I can say without a doubt that it was the most worthwhile workshop I have attended in any field of study."
  • "I really like the laid-back atmosphere and I learned A TON!"
  • "I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed the class. Beyond the fun, though, I really came a long way with my identification skills and I finally got answers to a lot of the questions I’ve wondered about since I got into this gig".

Matthew L. gets a look at an invertebrate collected while assessing the upper Hudson River during the 2006 Stream Bioassessment Institute.
Workshop instructor: J. Kelly Nolan

June 2006 3-Day Stream Monitoring Workshop
  • "Information was very clear and relevant. Good presentation of relationship between methods, data, applications, and regulatory structures."
  • "For a person not knowing anything about stream monitoring or invertebrates this class was a great starter with a lot of good information."

Workshop participants conduct a stream side benthic macroinvertebrate screening for non-impacted streams.
Workshop instructor: J. Kelly Nolan

May 2006 Aquatic Chironomid Taxonomy Workshop: the fundamentals

  • "This workshop was perfectly designed and taught as an introduction to midges. The instructors did an excellent job of taking away the mystery and intimidation of this large group."
  • "The midge workshop was excellent. Before the workshop the thought of identifying midges to genus was very intimidating. The workshop has given me the confidence to go back and start to ID midges. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others. The workshop far exceeded my expectations."
  • "Good balance of lectures, practice, keying together (with scope projector), and individual practice."

Instructors Rhonda Mendel and AJ Smith review key identification characteristics of the Chironomid subfamily Tanypodinae.

February 2006 Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Workshop

  • "This workshop was fantastic- I can't believe how much I learned in 3 days!"
  • "Overall, I thought this was a great workshop. Everyone who presented was very knowledgeable and approachable. Thank you for hosting this! There needs to be more like it."
  • "Very well done!! I consider this time very well spent."

Scope time at the February 2006 macroinvertebrate workshop Instructors: Alexander J. Smith and J. Kelly Nolan.

Comments from the August 2005 Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Workshop:

  • "A well organized course. We maintained an efficient on-time schedule with, and this is a real positive, a relaxed atmosphere. The course was challenging and still accessible to the beginner."
  • "...definitely worthwhile and I certainly learned a lot! Aside from the taxonomy, I thought that the additional info provided on the ecology and biology was particularly useful."
  • "...thank you for a great course; I learned a great deal and enjoyed the whole experience. I appreciate all the help and visual aids that you and A.J. provided."

Comments from the August 2004 Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Workshop:

  • I would highly recommend this program for professional development. It was well organized with a nice balance between lecture, field work, and lab work. I worked hard, but enjoyed every minute of it.".
  • "The instructor set a relaxed tone, which is helpful to learning. I got a lot out of this course."



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