Taxonomy Services

Our lab includes the use of the Leica MZ12, Nikon, and Swift stereomicroscopes with fume hoods. We have an extensive Library of aquatic keys for use and sorted taxa counts and identified taxon are entered directly into an excel spread sheet.

Our taxonomy services include:

  • Taxonomic identification to lowest practical level
  • Specimen slide mounting
  • Sub-sample analysis
  • Multimetric and IBI calculations (EPT richness, total taxa richness, biotic index, species dominance, model affinity, etc.)
  • Impact Source Determination (ISD)
  • Biological impairment analysis
  • Environmental impact reporting and data processing
  • Replicate similarity comparison
  • Site similarity comparison

Depending on the number of sub-samples identified ten percent of sub-samples may be sent to an independent taxonomist for identification for quality assurance purposes.

The raw data and report are made available in both paper and electronic format (excel, access, word and pdf). All samples and sub-samples (preserved in ethyl alcohol or on slides) will be returned to the client.

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