Watershed Assessment (Streams, Rivers and Lakes)

Watershed assessments, including biomonitoring, are an evaluation of the condition of a waterbody using physical, chemical, and biological measurements collected from fresh surface waters.

GIS Mapping Services GIS (a geographic information system) provides a visual method to communicate, understand, and interpret data. WAA's reports can include watershed delineation and GIS mapping services using ArcGIS 9.2 that provides a visual understanding of the data results. Maps of assessment locations are often included in our reports. Examples of watershed maps can be found on our experience page. WAA can also provide a geodatabase of the data for the client.



Taxonomy Services

Taxonomy is the classification of organisms in an order system. In our case the organisms are benthic macroinvertebrates collected from freshwater systems which include insects, crustaceans, clams, snails, and worms.




Technical Training
Our training workshops are designed to introduce participants to the standard methods of chemical, physical, and biological stream monitoring and assessment, and to provide comprehensive aquatic benthic macroinvertebrate taxonomy training. For a list of workshops being organized and/or taught by WAA click here.



MS4 Education and Monitoring

The Environmental Protection Agency Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) water regulations include requirements that an MS4 community fulfill. WAA's services and training programs can address many of the MS4 requirements. Find out more.






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